This a showcase of some grading examples and some experimental tools I'm working on.  If you are interested in more information feel free to contact me via mail or DM.


day for night

Rec 709 from Camera

graded day for night

This is a simple day for night grade with some light sources added. The source footage is ARRI Alexa35 (courtesy of ARRI's camera sample footage) in AWG4 and LogC4. 


Rec 709 from Camera

graded and stylized

This is an example of a sky replacement. It came out heavily stylized but I quite like the result. Some spatial adjustments and texture work also help to sell the effect I think. This is definitely an example where the lines between color grading and compositing blur. The plate of the car is from DJI sample footage collection (DJI-Gamut, D-Log) and the sunset was taken from ARRIs sample footage (AWG4, Log-C4).


anamorphic image emulation

spherical image from camera transformed for Rec709

anamorphic bokeh and custom MTF

The goal here was to recreate the characteristics of generic anamorphic bokeh. By generic I mean, that I did not aim to recreate the characteristics of a specific anamorphic lens. This one is still very much experimental. The source footage was RED Komodo (RedWideGamut, RedLog3G10), shot with a Sigma Art Lens.


Rec 709 from Camera

Graded Rec 709

This one is just something I did while doing some look development for a particular project. The project has a lot to do with sun, summer and vacation – and for me it felt a lot like summer vacation photos from the 90's. So I was experimenting with some film prints inside Resolve. For this one I used one of the standard Cineon Resolve "Film Looks"; Rec709 Fujifilm 3513DI D60. I do not know why but D60 just felt right – despite all of my monitoring being for D65. Anyway ... I really like the way this turned out. I'm not sure if the director and DP will go for this look, but we'll see. The source footage was Canon C300 in CanonCinemaGamut and CanonLog2.


35mm film emulation

Rec 709 from Camera

Custom emulation of 35mm film characteristics

This is an example of a custom 35mm film emulation. By custom I mean, that I used only built in Resolve software tools and some DCTL's for Tetrahedral Interpolation. By 35mm film emulation I mean, that I tried to emulate some generic characteristics of 35mm film (or what are generally perceived as such) – and not a specific film stock or print combination. The source footage is ARRI Alexa35 (courtesy of ARRI's camera sample footage) in AWG4 and LogC4. 

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